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Family Advocacy

We walk alongside families serving in the foster care community, as well as the children in their care, by offering community-focused support through relationships, coaching, serving, and giving. 

If you have a servant’s heart and are willing and able to support foster families with your time, services, goods, or funding, we can help match you with real needs.

Your support can make a huge difference in a foster family’s life.

What Family Advocacy Means to Foster Families

"The Family Advocacy Program is a game changer for foster families. This past week for us has been full of trauma meltdowns and foster care related appointments for the children in our home, and we have had people who do not even know us step in to bring us meals and even wash and fold our laundry! The program has been a huge blessing by taking some of the day to day tasks off our plates which enables us to focus on the needs of our children and family."

 -WW, Tampa Foster Mom

"Our family has felt very supported since the Family Advocacy Program began. Our family had the flu and bronchitis, and a generous care package was left on our doorstep that literally fed and took care of us for the next few days. Invaluable! Almost immediately after we were supported with a crisis involving a previous foster child. They are responsive and helpful and followed up for days and weeks after. I don't know what we would've done without that support!"

EF, Tampa Foster Mom

"The Family Advocacy Program has been a huge encouragement to us as foster parents. Having someone to answer questions, lend a hand in time of need, and even just lend an ear to listen means so much. In a time when we felt like we were on our own the Advocacy Program gave us a ray of hope that we had support, and we are forever grateful for that."

CW, Plant City Foster Mom