Feb, 26, 2018

Why The Church

Our community is experiencing a foster care CAPACITY crisis.  Simply stated, there are not enough foster homes for the children that are being removed from their families due to being abused, neglected, and/or abandoned.  Please hear me clearly, however, in that it is NOT because we are in a capacity crisis that the local body of Christ is the answer.  The local body of Christ is the answer because the gospel of Jesus Christ is always THE answer.  Even if we had ten TIMES the amount of foster homes than what is needed in our community, Christ is the answer.  Even if NO children were waiting to be adopted, Christ is the answer.  Even if ALL teens were in family foster homes instead of group homes, Christ is the answer.


These scenarios, however, are sadly not a reality for the children in our communities.  The reality is:

  • Most teen foster children live in group homes, largely due to the lack of family foster homes.
  • National statistics show that a majority of children rescued out of human trafficking were trafficked out of the foster care system. Did you know teen family foster homes literally prevent the trafficking of teens in foster care?
  • Some children, whose parent’s parental rights have been terminated, have been waiting YEARS to be adopted and are still not matched with a single family.
  • Sibling groups many times have to be separated due to not having enough family foster homes able to care for three or more children.


Join us in our relentless pursuit of a day when every foster child in our community experiences the love of family and Christ through the faithfulness of the local church. We not only believe the foster care capacity crisis is a solvable problem, we are working toward that end!  Everyone has a role they can play.  Pray for this work.  Become a licensed foster family.  Financially support this God glorifying ministry.  Bring this need into your local church through partnering with West Florida Foster Care Services.

Thank you for standing with us in this work.  Why The Church?  Because Christ is the answer.

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