Feb, 28, 2018

What are the real numbers? (Hillsborough County)

If you read our blogs, watch our social media posts, or have heard us speak in person, you have been consistently hearing the same messages:

  • We are in the middle of a foster care CAPACITY crisis….there are just not enough homes for the children who have been abused, neglected, and abandoned that need them.
  • The foster care capacity crisis CAN be solved.
  • In everything we do, we do it for God’s glory.

But what are the real numbers?  This graphic is the best visual representation of the foster care capacity crisis.


At the end of January, there were 2,457 children who were living in a place other than in their own home.  These are children who were removed from their parents due to being abused, neglected, and abandoned.  These children are in what is called “out-of-home care”.

45%, 1,115 children, are living with a relative.  30%, 730 children, are living in a licensed foster home.  This is just in Hillsborough County.  Yes, 2,457 children are today, unable to live within their own homes because it is unsafe or unstable.  Yes, right here in our community.

There is an unprecedented opportunity before us to meet these children and families in the middle of their most difficult moment.  To live out the love of Christ and to be an example of the fact that there IS hope!

Church, the foster care capacity crisis is here.  It can be solved, and we are pursuing that day for God’s glory alone.

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