Dan Claassen
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Dan Claassen

Executive Director /

My family and I moved to the Tampa area in 2013 with three other families for the purpose of planting a church.  My wife Teri is an amazing and beautiful woman who loves the Lord first and then loves and cares for our family more than I can articulate.  We are blessed to be the parents of our son Casey and our daughter Sienna.  We are also foster parents, so depending on the day and the Lord’s plan, we may have extra little ones in our home.

The Lord very quickly affirmed upon our moving that the greater Tampa Bay area was to be the place we would dedicate ourselves and our families in service to Him.  Previously we lived in Fishers, Indiana, where I had been a police officer for ten years.  I was a detective for half of that time and specialized in investigating internet crimes against children.  Since those days I will never have to be convinced that we live in a fallen world and that all too often it is the children who suffer the most.

So how did I come to lead a foster care licensing agency?  It would seem that the Lord has combined my deep desire and passion for justice (especially for children), awareness of the despair and fear so many children are living in today, and the call to be a part of the literal building up of a local body of Christ, all for the purpose of being used to end the foster care crisis in our community.

The Lord has also blessed me with a great enjoyment of reading, spending REAL time with my wife and family, roasting my own coffee beans, spending time on the beach, and connecting with others over a great cup of coffee.

Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior.  I serve Him alone and seek to glorify Him in all I do.