Oct, 23, 2017

Not just another blog….

If you are passionate about Jesus, His church, serving the most vulnerable children in our community, and like us believe that the foster care capacity crisis is a SOLVABLE problem, then welcome!

Plainly stated, foster care is about Christ.  It’s about His love. His grace.  Foster care is about the local church, stirred by the hope they have been given in and through Jesus Christ, which then propels them into this opportunity to live out His love.

While I’m writing this, literally as I type, there are just under 20 children who are needing to be placed in a foster home.  From the two-week old baby boy, to the 17-year-old teen girl, we are pursuing a day when every foster child in our community experiences the love of family and Christ through the faithfulness of the local church.

Foster care is also not a solo mission.  Caring for the most hurting children in our community demands that we live out all the ‘one anothers’ in scripture as an entire body of believers.  Do we need more foster families?  Absolutely.  Yet, we also desperately need families dedicated to prayer, committed to financially supporting this work, and those who are willing to babysit, donate diapers/pajamas, and deliver meals as needed.  Help is needed.

This is more than a blog.  We pray it will be a bright light in our community, sharing testimonies of God’s faithfulness, while also equipping and educating about some of the most precious and awesome children you would ever meet.  Join us on this journey as we boldly share with you, our brothers and sisters, some of these topics and stories….

Testimonies of God’s faithfulness

Statistics from our local community

Trauma based parenting tips and research

Foster family stories, written by them

Prayer requests

What will solve our capacity crisis



How human trafficking can be prevented

How and why children enter foster care

What makes Florida unique

Church spotlight

Come back and visit us often to share in these topics and more.  Invite your friends, this cannot be accomplished alone!  Thank you for your support and prayers.  May every hurting child in our community experience Christ’s sacrificial love.

– Dan Claassen, Executive Director



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