Dec, 04, 2017

Meet the ‘G’ Foster Family!

What led you to becoming foster parents?

At the beginning of our marriage, we witnessed a child we knew get placed into foster care.  It was heartbreaking to know that this child was sleeping in a group home and we were unable, for many various reasons, to get involved. By God’s grace that child was eventually adopted by a loving forever family. We knew we were not to foster that child at that time, but it laid the ground work for our desire to become a family capable of fostering others in the future.

A few years later, we were asked to adopt a baby girl. We knew from the very first moment that this was to be our daughter. Since she was born, we’ve been patiently waiting for her to grow and mature so we could become a foster family together. We want our daughter to understand that we have a responsibility to take care of and love others. That responsibility might look different at various stages of our lives, but it is a responsibility that we want to demonstrate to her by how we live our lives. Not everyone is able to foster, we certainly weren’t able to 8 years ago, but now we are capable and ready to take care of a child that needs our support. Also, it is important to us that we live out God’s love for each other in our family so when our daughter is older it may help her understand her adoption better.

What is your best memory as a foster family?

My favorite memories are the laughter between the kids playing together. Now most of the time that joy is quickly followed by shrieks and tears (by adults and kids alike), but for those few moments I know that both my daughter and our foster child are forming lasting memories together. I pray that in the future our daughter can look back and know she had an impact in someone else’s life. Hopefully our foster child will look back and remember us as a positive experience during a difficult time.

What would you say to a family that is considering becoming a foster family?

First, I would say make sure you are ready. It is so easy to look at the tragedy that is the foster care system and want to jump straight in out of a bleeding heart. God puts desires on all of our hearts, but it takes prayerful guidance to know when it is the right season to walk that out. Being ready will look very different for every person and family. It has nothing to do with marital status or income or having any of the right answers, but in how God has prepared you to take on this opportunity to love on these children who desperately need someone. It was so hard to refrain from getting involved all those years ago, but I sincerely believe we were meant to wait.

But, secondly don’t wait too long. There is such a huge and desperate need in our area for loving and safe foster homes. Many people will never even consider becoming a foster parent. So if you are reading this and God has laid it on your heart to do this thing, then do it! It’s scary jumping into being a foster family without knowing all the ins and outs of what might or might not happen. It is not our job to be fully prepared to handle every situation, but it is our responsibility to love on others and we do that by being a foster family. You are doing a great thing in changing a child’s life for the positive.

We have only been foster parents for 6 months and to only one foster child. There are so many unknowns about this new season we have entered, but we know God has prepared our hearts and has made us capable.

-The ‘G’ family

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