Dec, 07, 2017

Meet the ‘C’ Foster Family!

What led you to becoming foster parents?

A few years back a Sunday morning sermon focused living a life of legacy.  That whole topic spoke directly to my heart where that seed sat for a few years brewing. I felt the calling but was fearful to step out in faith.  A second sermon we attended while visiting family in AL was focused on God’s children and the members of this church all brought in plastic tubs full of basics like jammies, a blanket, a book etc. for foster children to be given in the community upon their traumatic removal from their homes. This solidified the call and we really began conversations on taking the licensure step and embracing the journey of fostering.

What is your best memory as a foster family?

This is our first year, however we have already built a book of wonderful memories.  I think my most memorable is a moment in which I shared a great conversation with our foster son’s biological mom.  She stated during our conversation her comfort in knowing her son was in our home where he is so incredibly loved and cherished.  Just knowing she has a sense of peace in her heart while she walks on her own difficult journey makes Sam and I happy.

What would you say to a family that is considering becoming a foster family?

We would say it’s an experience that blesses you as person more than you would ever imagine.  There are moments of frustration with a system that at times seems so broken, tears, laughter and the opportunity to make new friends who are walking the same journey as you are.  At the end of the day it is about humbling your heart to love the little ones who have experienced things that children shouldn’t experience and trying to live as an example of God’s love here on earth in flesh.

– The ‘C’ family

One thought on “Meet the ‘C’ Foster Family!

  1. I have seen this amazing family in action and have been blessed by a friendship with this mama as a result of her fostering journey. She has a true heart for not only the babies she cares for but for their mothers as well. We are lucky to have this family available to these precious children who will be blessed by their care.

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