Dec, 19, 2017

Meet the ‘C’ Foster Family!

What led you to becoming foster parents?

Prior to having children we knew we wanted to help children that needed a home but we did not know how to do that. So we started our family and had our 1st child, then three short years later we welcomed babies 2,3, & 4 TRIPLETS, and three more years later we welcomed our surprise baby who is now 9.

Years later we started going to church and saw a small community of people who were foster parents. Our hearts wanted to help but God knew we were not ready. We kept calling places but were told no because we already had 5 children so we stopped pursuing.

A few more years later our friend who also fosters said “I know a guy” and literally while we were in a restaurant eating dinner text that “guy”. The next morning I get a call and within a week we were in classes. Five months later we got our 1st call.

What is your best memory as a foster family?

We have made many memories with our biological and foster children through this time. Watching my children learn that foster care can be ugly, mean, cruel, and scary but that it can also be full of love, grace, kindness and LOTS of giggles. I really can not point to 1 BEST memory. When I think of our journey so far I picture the belly laughs as our 10 year old foster son and 9 year old daughter sit at the counter playing with their dolls and legos, I think of the sweet kisses our twins give us as they say “Mommy/Daddy MORE KISS MORE KISS”, I see my teenager doing her school work while holding our infant just so the baby has someone to hold her and connect with. I see my triplets jump with the twins on the trampoline and all of them fall back in fits of laughter. I close my eye’s and remember 2 of my foster sons waving happily goodbye to me as they excitedly moved back home to their mom after a very rough time in foster care. I have many “BEST” memories while being a foster parent.

What would you say to a family that is considering becoming a foster family?

I would like to say if you are considering becoming a foster parent to PLEASE connect with a group of foster parents. They can be LIFE savers! It is not all sweet tea and apple pies. Sometimes it is sour lemonade and on those days, weeks, or even months….your support group will carry you through. They have seen the ugly, they are IN the ugly, and they have come out of the ugly with God glorifying stories to tell after.

I would like to encourage people to become foster parents and KNOW that YES you will get attached and YES you CAN let them go. It has become so clearly visible to me during our journey that NONE of these children that God has placed with us are OURS. Not my biological children and not our foster children. I have to COMPLETELY rely on God to take care of these children. We can love them and take care of them but remember they are God’s children. Be ready to fall deeply in love, because it will happen and God will take care of you through it.

– The ‘C’ family

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