Dec, 19, 2017

Meet the ‘B’ Foster Family!

What led you to becoming foster parents?

Jesus! We see a clear precedence for caring for the widows and orphans in scripture and out of a desire to be obedient to God and His word we are following this call to foster.

What is your best memory as a foster family?

Our best memory was setting up a bio family and foster family park play date with all the siblings and foster parents and bio parents involved, we shared pizza and sodas and stories and lots of laughter. Being together in such a way was important to all who were there and it was truly a gift!

What would you say to a family that is considering becoming a foster family?

This is hard work. There are days that you feel that you cannot do this and the truth is that YOU cannot. Only Christ can in you and through you. Christ is the infinite supply of patience and love that is needed to care for these children. So to pursue this calling you need to do so soberly and without a romanticized idea of what this will be. But know that as you obey, Christ will give you all that you need to accomplish the purposes he has called you to.

– The ‘B’ family

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