Nov, 14, 2017

Would you stop?

If you were driving down the street and saw this girl, alone, would you stop?

What if there were no ‘system’. No investigator, no case manager, no foster parent licensing agency…. just a child alone with a note.

What if the note was from her mom. What if the note spoke of how she desperately LOVES her daughter, but her addiction has destroyed her life. What if the note outlined how the mom, in her desperation, moved in with her abusive boyfriend only to be abused yet again.

What if in the note the mom asked you to take care of her daughter? It just isn’t safe anymore…. asked you to make sure that her hair was washed and didn’t get all tangled, because it really does tangle so easily. Asked you to make sure you add cinnamon to her applesauce, because the mom ALWAYS adds cinnamon…it’s what her mom did with her as a little girl.

That, if at all possible, and if it’s not too much to ask, if you could afford a REAL American Girl Doll her daughter would absolutely love it and take such great care of it. Each Christmas her daughter asks for one, but mom just can’t afford it so she saves for months to buy the closest look alike she can find.

Would you stop?

This was today. There was a girl waiting for a family.

We are looking for families willing to ‘stop’.

Yes, that means classes. Yes, that means paperwork. Yes, that means trauma behaviors. Yes, that means working in a system that is difficult at times. Yes, that means you will be inconvenienced. Yes, that means more driving. Yes, that means more laundry.

And YES that means we have the opportunity to literally live out the love of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

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We love because He first loved us.

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