The First Steps

The West Florida Foster Care Services Process

1 - Gathering Information

The first step is what you are doing now, gathering information by either reading our FAQ’s or contacting us with any questions you may have.

2 - Foster Care Orientation

Those interested in starting the process to become foster parents begin by attending an approximately one hour-long free foster care orientation.  This is a required pre-requisite to becoming a licensed foster home, and it is in this session that you will be given much more detailed information about foster care.

3 - Professional Parenting

Once the orientation is completed, families who are still seeking to serve as foster parents are registered for a free training course called Professional Parenting.  Our organization provides this course, which is comprised of 24 hours of classroom training.  The trainings are offered throughout Tampa Bay at different times and in weekend or evening sessions.

4 - Home Study

Upon completion of the Professional Parenting training one of our licensing staff will work with you to conduct a home study and the other legally required steps to become a foster home.

5 - Christ's Love

Once you are licensed you are then able to have children placed in your home – children desperate for love, connection, stability, and a family that will be a living example of Christ’s love.